Truck Accidents

Have you or a loved one been involved injured in a trucking accident? According to recent studies, The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration released a statement that there has been an increase in fatalities involving semi-truck accidents. The size of these large vehicles contribute to these growing numbers. There are also mishaps that lead to accidents that these trucks are known for. These trucking accidents include braking, wide-angle turning and jack-knifing. When it boils down to properly seeking out compensation for these accidents, the victim in this case needs to act immediately in order to preserve evidence associated with the accident. Injuries and losses caused by these accidents are known as ‘damages’. These damages include cost for injuries, lost wages, future costs, property damages and pain and suffering. With the right truck accident lawyer, you can be fully compensated. In trucking accident cases, once negligence has been proven, not only is the truck driver liable, but the employers, insurance providers and the truck company could also be held accountable. When looking for professional help, it is critical to find an experienced, compassionate and knowledgeable attorney that is on your side. Our attorneys will work immediately and indefinitely to seek out full compensation to help ease your pain and suffering.

The personal injury attorneys at Briskman & Binion, P.C. will conduct a complete investigation of your truck accident, look at your wage statement and your medical records, and work with you to get an understanding of your financial situation. We will offer legal advice every step of the way, elevate the fairness of your settlement, and negotiate any offers to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

If you need to hire a personal injury attorney, Mobile, Alabama’s Briskman & Binion, P.C. is there to help.
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