Slip & Fall

At some point, we have all slipped and fallen with ourselves to blame. In other cases, we may suffer from injuries due to a slip & fall in a store in which both the owner and/or employee can be held accountable. In order to for this to happen, there must be proof of negligence. There are some conditions that eliminate them being responsible – such as avoidable hazards. If a store owner and/or employee fails to notify others of hazardous conditions, they can and will be held responsible. In order to do that, it is crucial, on your part, to document everything immediately after the accident in order to prevent any question of what actually took place. Dealing with injuries after an unexpected event is stressful, especially if it has prevented you from working. In order for you to receive compensation for your losses, you need an experienced attorney. The right attorney will guide you through this process and will seek full compensation to settle your losses.

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