Product Liability

Unfortunately, due to the increase in product production, the possibility of receiving a defective  product also rises and in some cases, these product defects can cause harm and be the reason for a product liability lawsuit. There are three different types of defects when referring to manufactured items. These defects can be categorized under Design Defects, Manufacturing Defects and Defects in Marketing. When filing claims, these three categories are based off of negligence, misinformation and breach of warranty.

Design Defects
Design Defects refer to items that face defects before the product has been produced, usually the entire line or products are affected.

Manufacturing Defects
Manufacturing defects take place as the product is being produced, typically, individual items are affected, not the entire line of production.

Defects in Marketing
Defects in Marketing refer to products that have misinformed and/or misguided warnings of possible dangers.

If you or a loved one have suffered injuries due to any of these defects, you could be compensated. In order to file a claim under any of these defects, you must have sufficient evidence that your injuries were caused by no fault of your own and the manufacturer is responsible. In order for you to be fully compensated for your losses, you need an experienced attorney who is on your side. The right attorney will not only guide you through this process, but will also seek out full compensation in order to settle your losses.

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