Business Litigation

If you are in need of a specialized business attorney, Mobile, Alabama based Briskman & Binion, P.C. has the advocate you deserve. Mack. B. Binion and Sarah Dorger specialize in civil litigation, which includes all areas of business law, and our team will walk you through the steps of the often complicated process involved in this type of law.

Briskman & Binion, P.C. can offer counsel regarding issues that face small businesses, including when a business finds itself involved in litigation. We have experience in handling a range of cases, including breach of contract suits, a violation of confidentiality clauses, including the leak of trade secrets, fraud in signing a contract, shareholder disputes in closely held corporations, and even shareholder derivative claims. We also have represented minority shareholders as well as management in litigating issues over how a business has performed. Similarly, we have represented professionals during the split of professional partnerships or corporations, commonly called “business divorces.” Clients also come to us for questions about “excess verdicts,” when a jury has entered a verdict against their business that exceeds the amount of insurance coverage for the suit, and the client is facing the real possibility of losing everything he or she has worked for. Our veteran team has experience navigating the dense language in contracts to help you not only understand the breach itself, but also decide how to move forward.

Also, if you’re having insurance coverage issues and questions about whether your business is insured for something that has happened, we can help you unpack the specifics of the coverage in question and assess the best plan of action for your situation. Furthermore, if licensing ordinance issues or other bureaucratic red tape is damaging your business, we will work hard to settle the dispute as quickly as possible to protect your bottom line.

Because of the complex nature of business laws, there are many reasons one might need a business attorney. Hiring a lawyer on the front end to negotiate a complex contract or business deal may save you legal expense and valuable time and resources down the road. However, if you get to the point where a lawsuit is inevitable and you are in need of a business attorney, Mobile, AL clients turn to the team at Briskman & Binion, P.C. due to our years of successful trial experience in business litigation. We routinely advise clients on both simple and complex business matters, which means that we have the necessary knowledge and skill to expertly treat your case.
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